The so-called "Klingenberg World-Book"

I'd got a publicity about it because of my name Klingenberg is listed in German directory. I have bought such a book in the middle of 1990 years, payed 100 DM which is 50 Euro now. I'd heard about its bad name before, and I was disappointed actually.

The book I've got is printed in german language. It is in A4-formate with about 150 pages.
70 pages are text of general history, sure enough some about history of names and heraldry, but without reference to Klingenberg.

30 pages are adresses of genealogical institutions.

45 pagesare copies from common directories for name Klingenberg. You can find 456 private adresses in USA, 45 Canada, 8 Australia, 1 New Zeeland, 6 Great Britain, 9 Austria, 1230 Germany, 27 Switzerland, 2 France, 74 Netherlands, 23 South Africa, 2 Spain, and 7 in Italy. All this listings have no date. For researching about name Klingenberg are especially important Danmark, Norway and Sweden, but this is failing.

Only 2 pages in the middle of the book bring short explanation for name Klingenberg. They present a blazon (only one).
Hints to another spelling and variation of the name (Klingenberger, Klingberg, Klinkenberg, ...) are failing too.

This book is far away from good information about Klingenberg name, it is made for money-making. Such Name-books are assembled for many names. They prepare it if enough people of a name are listed in directories and they copy a print if somebody orders. The books for differential names differ in a few pages only.

The editor or publisher is Family Heritage International / Halberts Family Heritage Inc. in Bath /Ohio USA. They have not an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). The book has only an own registration number 14345. Date is MCMXCV (1995).

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